Functional Strength

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Functional Strength: Unlock Your Full Potential” is a comprehensive eBook designed for anyone looking to enhance their physical capabilities through the development of functional strength. This guide delves into the core components of functional fitness, explaining the various types of strength, and the best practices for training to improve strength and size. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts at any level, this eBook not only educates on the essential exercises and movements but also introduces readers to advanced tools and methodologies like kettlebells, TRX, and more


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Module 1: High Quality Training Guide
Module 2: Cheat Sheet
Module 3: Mindmap
Module 4: Resource Report
Module 5: Ready-made Sales-letter & Thank You Page
Module 6: Hypnotic Sales Video Promo
Module 7: Professionally Designed Minisite
Module 8: Professionally Designed Graphics
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Functional Strength: Unlock Your Full Potential – A Comprehensive Guide to Building Real-World Strength

Chapter by Chapter Overview:

  1. What is Functional Strength?
    • Explore the fundamentals of functional strength, its importance in daily activities, and how it differs from aesthetic-based training programs.
  2. The 7 Primal Movements
    • Learn about the primal movements that form the foundation of functional training, including compound movements and essential lifts to incorporate into your routine.
  3. Relax Into Stretch and ‘Foam Rolling’
    • Discover techniques for enhancing flexibility and mobility, including detailed guides on how to effectively use foam rolling for muscle recovery and injury prevention.
  4. Functional Strength Training Tools
    • Get acquainted with various training tools such as kettlebells, Indian clubs, and TRX that can elevate your strength training by introducing versatility and challenging dynamics.
  5. Bodyweight Training for Strength to Weight Ratio
    • Understand the power of bodyweight training for improving strength-to-weight ratio and how to structure effective workouts.
  6. Overcoming Isometrics and Grip Strength
    • Dive into overcoming isometrics to develop strength at specific joint angles and learn about exercises that enhance grip strength.
  7. HIIT
    • Integrate High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) into your routine for improved metabolic rate and fat burning.
  8. Resistance Machines
    • Discuss the role of resistance machines in functional strength training and how they can be used effectively within a comprehensive training regimen.
  9. CrossFit: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    • Examine the pros and cons of CrossFit, exploring its philosophy, the surrounding controversy, and alternatives like Movnat.
  10. Diet for Functional Strength
    • Review dietary strategies that support strength training, particularly focusing on the Paleo diet, and provide tips for balanced nutrition that supports intense physical training.
  11. Conclusion – Creating Your Program
    • Conclude with guidance on how to combine the insights gained from previous chapters to create a personalized, effective functional strength program.


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