How To Use Done For You PLR Products For Your Membership Sites?

How To Use Done For You PLR Products For Your Membership Sites?

Creating a valuable membership site where you can sell monthly subscriptions is a very good idea. This is money that you can count on each month coming in and you can grow this with more subscribers. When people subscribe to a membership site, they want to receive value from it. If they do not feel that they are receiving this value then they will cancel their subscription.

The biggest challenge with membership sites is providing your subscribers with fresh valuable content every month. If you are an expert in your niche then you can write this content yourself. But creating this content is going to take a lot of time and effort on your part.

A much easier solution is to populate your membership site with content from high-quality “done for you” packages like those available from us at We invest thousands in the creation of each of our PLR packages so that you can be sure you are receiving top-quality content.

Choose the Right Niche for your Membership Site

For your membership site to be a success you need to choose the right niche. The niche needs to have high demand and there needs to be evidence that people are spending money in the niche. Evergreen niches are the best for membership sites. An evergreen niche is always in demand every day of the year – every year. Here are three examples of classic evergreen niches:

  1. Health and fitness
  2. Wealth creation
  3. Self-help

These niches will always be in demand and there are a huge number of searches in Google and the other major search engines every month. At we have the highest quality done for you PLR packages available for these top three evergreen niches.

Each time we create one of our high-quality done-for-you PLR packages we invest thousands of dollars to ensure that they are the very best for you. You can use the content in your membership sites with total confidence to keep your customers satisfied and continuing to pay their subscriptions.

What are People looking for with Membership Sites?

People are looking for answers to their questions. When you can answer the burning questions that people have in your niche then they will willingly become a subscriber for your membership site. There are several ways that you can provide the answers that your subscribers need within your membership sites such as:

  • Video tutorials
  • Courses in text, video, or audio format
  • Mind maps
  • Cheatsheets
  • Resource reports

All of these have a high perceived value. You do not have to provide everything in a single month. Provide some things one month and other things in subsequent months. As long as your subscribers believe that they are getting their money’s worth then they will continue to subscribe.

A lot of successful membership sites break their courses or training down into monthly components and you can do this too. For example, if your membership site was about personal development and helping people to improve their lives then the first month’s content could be about developing a winning mindset, the second month about visualization, and so on.

How to use Done For You PLR Content for your Membership Site

At we have several high-quality PLR packages that you can acquire to build your membership site around. In the example above we discussed a self-help membership site where you can introduce new personal development courses each month. We have some excellent done for you PLR packages that you can use for this.

Once you have your PLR packages you can go through them and create your membership site content directly from each package. You can provide your training in written form through downloadable PDF documents for example that you have created using the information in the done for you PLR package.

You can go a step further and create video training from the content in your high-quality PLR package. This will really impress your membership site subscribers as video training is perceived to be a lot more valuable than text-based training. It will take a bit of time and effort to create the videos but it will be worth it.

Provide your customers with audio versions of the training in MP3 format as well. A lot of people like to download and listen to audio files while they are traveling, at the gym, in the store, or doing other things. Your subscribers will really appreciate it when you are able to give them the choice of video, text, and audio on your membership site.

There are no duplicate content issues to be concerned about with the content inside your membership site so you will not have to rewrite anything. Just organize the content from your done for you PLR packages in the best way so that you can provide the very best training courses and other resources for your subscribers.

Use your High-Quality PLR to create an Autoresponder Based Membership Site

Setting up a full-blown membership site takes a lot of work. You need to have a website that will protect your content from non-members and that will allow you to organize your content in to different months. This means that all new members will start from month one and receive their membership content in the right order.

There is membership site software that you can purchase to do all of this for you. If you have a WordPress website then there are plugins for membership sites. The best plugins come at a cost. Setting everything up correctly and loading up your content for each month is going to take time.

An easier solution is to use your autoresponder service to send out content every month to your subscribers. As the content is delivered via email, you will probably not be able to charge as much for this as you would do with a full-blown membership site. But it is a lot quicker and easier to set up an autoresponder membership service.

Again, you can use the content from your high-quality, done for you, PLR packages from You can still provide video and audio-based training as well as text as you can add links in your emails to access this. Use a password system to protect your content.

If you are charging a low monthly price for your autoresponder membership of say $9.95 then there is no need for you to provide video and audio formats as your subscribers will not expect this for such a low price.

By using high-quality PLR content from you can delight your subscribers and when you are ready open a full-blown membership site that they can migrate to for a higher monthly cost.

We hope this post has helped you better understand the benefits of using done for you PLR products to build your membership site. Our team is available today to answer any questions or concerns that may have come up during the reading, so don’t hesitate to reach out! If you want help with our digital marketing services, we can also provide a free consultation. You deserve a business that works hard and generates sales– let us show you how we do it!