How To Edit & Rebrand A PLR Product And Make It Unique?

How To Edit & Rebrand A PLR Product And Make It Unique?

There are many advantages to having your own product. You do not have to share the sales revenue with anyone else if you don’t want to and you will own the customers. This means that they will be on your email list and you can promote other products and services to them.

When you have your own product, your credibility rises significantly. Your audience will perceive you to be an authority in your niche. This is the reason that a lot of experts write books to increase their credibility and build trust with their followers.

Product Creation requires a large Investment

The problem is that creating your own product will require a great deal of time, effort, and money. If you have the skills to do everything yourself then you can save money, but you will have to work harder for longer to create a high-quality product that your audience will want.

It is unlikely that you will have all of the required skills to create your own product. Here are just some of the things that you will need to do:

  • Write the text version of your product
  • Create videos for your product
  • Create top-notch graphics for your product
  • Create high-converting sales copy to sell your product
  • Create additional high-value resources such as cheat sheets, mind maps, related articles etc.
  • Create a valuable giveaway report to entice your audience to join your email list

If you do not possess the skills to do all of these things and more to create your product then you will have to outsource the work to professional freelancers. To create the highest quality product, you will have to pay top dollar for these services.

Use High-Quality PLR as the Foundation for your Product

With our high-quality PLR packages at, you can use them as the foundation for your next product. You already know that our PLR is top quality so you will need to make some changes to it so that you can call it your own.

It is far easier to turn a high-quality PLR into your own unique product than it is to create your own product from scratch. You will save yourself a great deal of time, effort and money by converting PLR into a unique product that you can sell.

Sell your Unique Product for any Price you choose

When most people purchase high-quality PLR from us at, they will not want to put in the effort to make it unique. So, they will just add their name to the main product and the sales page and sell it “as is”. While it is possible to make sales doing this, it is more likely to end in a war over pricing as so many others are competing with you.

You may be able to sell a few copies of the PLR package at a high price but once people realize that they can purchase it for less elsewhere you will lose a lot of potential customers. With a unique product, your customers can only get it from you so you can set your price and maintain it.

Change the Product Name

The first thing that you need to do is to choose a new name for your product. You do not want to use the existing name of the PLR package as word will soon get around about this. Choose a name that makes sense and properly describes the product.

Once you have decided on the new name for your product then you will need to edit the main eBook, the sales page and other materials that include the original name. If you cannot change the name on the graphics, then you will need to have new graphics created.

Have new Graphics created

Even if you can change the existing graphics with the provided source files, we still recommend that you get a new set of graphics created. You want your new unique product to look nothing like the PLR package does.

There are some talented graphic designers on that will create the images you need for a few dollars. Make sure that you see examples of their work and read the customer feedback to see if they can create the highest quality graphics that you need.

Rewrite the Content so it is not Comparable to the original PLR

You do not have to rewrite all of the PLR content but you need to do enough so that it is not easily comparable with the original. Making minimal changes here is not likely to be enough. If you do not want to do this work yourself then you can outsource it.

Be sure to add your unique style to all of the content. You write and speak in a certain way that is unique to you, so ensure that your rewritten content reflects this. If your audience know you well from your emails and blog posts then they will instantly recognize your style in the product.

Making your product really unique is essential if you want to sell it on a marketplace like They will not accept PLR products so you have to put in the effort here. Always remember to use the highest quality PLR as your foundation. We spend thousands creating all of our PLR packages at to ensure the highest quality.

Rewrite the Sales Copy

Don’t just change the product name in the sales copy that you receive with the PLR package. It will still look too similar. Rewrite the sales copy, or outsource the copywriting, so that it all looks completely unique.

You can find good copywriters on gig websites such as and They are also available through forums such as and project websites like and

Create a Video Training Course from your PLR

This is optional, but it is a great way to create a high-value product that is unique to you from a high-quality PLR package. Yes, there will be more work involved in creating a top-quality video training course, but you can sell it for a higher price and nobody will know that you created it from a high-quality PLR package.

People like video training. So, give them what they want. When you show your face on camera your audience will trust you a lot more. You will need a good HD camera, a quality USB microphone, screen recording software, and video editing software to create your videos. Fortunately, these things are all available for a reasonably low price these days.

I cover all of the details in this video